Deep Cleansing and Hydrating Facials

All methods are modern techniques designed, with the help of a gentle or abrasive mechanical peeling process, to improve the skin’s regenerative capabilities, and to better control specific skin conditions such as: acne, comedones, enlarge pores, skin scars, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, excess of sebum, excess of dead skin, poor circulation, dehydration.

Procedure steps during facial:

  • Manual cleansing
  • Face scrub with active enzymes
  • Skin scrubber / microdermabrasion / hydrodermabrasion
  • Manual extraction
  • Ultrasound with active ampoule
  • Face mask combined with LED lamp
  • Head and shoulders massage
  • SPF cream
Face*35 Mins£40
Face1 Hour£65
Face & Neck75 Mins£75
Face, Neck & Decolette90 Mins£90
Back1 Hour£70

*except manual extraction and LED lamp

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